Podcasting is Branding: Build Your Platform

Podcasting is Branding: Build Your Platform

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Thousands of podcasts being created every single week. Now, every podcast host needs to stand out and build a brand if generating revenue is the ultimate goal. This course is going to show you how to build your platform and generate revenue from the content you create.

Messaging System

You need the ability to communicate with your audience effectively. This course is going to teach you the best formula so that it's easier to attract and retain your ideal listeners.

Grow Your Platform

Successful podcasts are real platforms that people love to follow. We're going to show you how to build your presence so it becomes easy to attract new listeners consistently.

Monetize Your Content

Only the top 1% of podcasters generate revenue from their show. We're going to teach you the top three ways to make money podcasting AND how to get started.


  • Guest Formula: Interviewing is a skill that must be developed. After hundreds of interviews, Coach Chris has created a formula. You'll receive the step by step process to connecting with celebrity guests!
  • Sponsorship Interview Script: The most important thing for podcast sponsorship is relationships. You need the right connections! You're going to learn how to connect with companies so that they'll sponsor your podcast long term!
  • PodStar Community: You'll also get access to the PodStars community for a month. This gets you exclusive masterclasses, podcast coaching, and events!